Diamond Proposal Ring

A man visited and told me that he walked through the road and saw my shop almost every day. He planned to give a special proposal ring to his wife and wanted to order it for me. He had some ideas and I designed a ring with them. Also, I suggested carving the words in German inside the ring, he liked it. 0.15ct Diamond is located in the middle of the ring and designed the symmetry shapes on either side of the Diamond. After a few days he collected the ring, he visited my place again and said the event was completed very well. 18ct Gold, Diamond.
Silver Couple’s Rings

A young man opened my shop door one day. He was looking for a couple’s rings and told me what he wanted. I designed with his concepts: joining together and having smooth curves. After the design confirmation, I made rings on my bench and showed him the final. He said that “Awesome!” 925 Silver.
Emerald Pendant

The same client who ordered Lapis lazuli earrings wanted a pendant with Emerald at this time. He also requested to buy a stone so, I went around to find the right one for him. The design has more structure and 2 layers with textures. The final design was finished elegantly. 14k Gold, Emerald.
Lapis lazuli Earrings

A gentleman visited my shop one day, He wanted to make drop earrings with Lapis lazuli. I designed 3 gradually bigger round-shaped, ones that looked like m&m chocolate. Also, I added long posts for the centre of gravity and safety. He was satisfied with the design. 18k Rose Gold, Lapis lazuli.
Earrings with Antique Diamonds

The Antique Emerald owner still wanted to use some of the rest diamonds. So, I designed a pair of earrings that matched the new ring. The set was nice to her. 18ct Gold, Diamonds.
Redesign to New Emerald Ring

In Spring 2018, a couple visited my workshop in Seoul. The wife wanted to redesign a ring with an antique Emerald ring. The stone was too fragile to take out but, I could finish the making eventually. She was happy with the result. 18k Gold, Emerald and Diamonds.
Octagon White Opal Earrings

At Inhorgenta in Munich, a gentleman showed me a ring with an octagon shape on the top in white colour and wanted to make a pair of earrings with Opal as a set for his wife. After returning to London, I carefully selected a pair of Opal similar to the ring and made the earrings. This handmade Jewellery was sent to Germany, the couple was satisfied both. 18ct Gold, Opal.
Single Opal Stud

At Goldsmiths Fair in London, a gentleman came to my stand and looked at a pair of Opal studs. Then, he asked himself to order the same design but just one side stud in a smaller size. I usually make a pair only so, I hesitated to accept it. Luckily, I had spare Opals. I made and sent the stud to him after the fair. He was happy with that. 18ct Gold, Opal.
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